Finding Ways to Love Yourself

Everyone lives with insecurities & doubts. Past traumas that haunt us and persuade every decision we make. It’s easy to give in to negative thinking & it can hold us back from a lot of opportunities. Investing energy to negative thoughts and feelings only pulls us deeper into a depression with ourselves. Finding qualities about ourselves that we want to better or already love about ourselves is important. Accepting who we are is essential. Finding a way to love yourself is key. Without being able to love ourselves we make it harder to manage relationships. How do you expect to love someone else when you can’t even love yourself? Relying on someone else to love you and to make you happy isn’t anyone’s responsibility but yourself. Finding what makes you happy can allow yourself to rely on you and only you for happiness. Of course relationships can bring joy and happiness to our lives, but it's important that you can sustain yourself. Know that you are strong enough to hold your own when your counterpart might not be able to help. You have to accept yourself and find what makes you truly happy in order to maintain healthy relationships. When trying to find love for yourself in a relationship setting, notice the things about yourself that you love. These can be physical/emotional traits or even achievements/goals you’ve accomplished. Embrace imperfections and troubled pasts because those are what make you who you are! When you can be happy with yourself it becomes easier to learn to love someone else. For negative and toxic relationships that have left you feeling unloved and insecure, find the lesson you were meant to learn within. Mentally abusive or toxic relationships in general, can leave many feeling trapped, useless, & unable to find love or escape from trauma. Learning your self worth from these types of relationships is important. It’s easy to get into a cycle of forgiving people who constantly let us down when our self worth is not established. Finding happiness with yourself, your flaws, & who you are can help with breaking this cycle. We accept the love we think we deserve and we should always have higher standards when moving on from each relationship & learning from them.  Imperfections and flaws also hold us back from loving ourselves. It’s easy to dwell on imperfection but the bottom line is no one is perfect. Embrace your flaws and realize it makes you unique. Surround yourself with people who make you feel more confident and who motivate you. There’s nothing worse than being around someone who preys on already insecure individuals to make themselves feel better. For insecurities that you know you can fix such as a bad habit you have, or wanting to lose weight to live a healthier lifestyle, these can provide a boost of confidence with yourself when you reach these goals you set. It is important to note that you shouldn't have to change yourself, morals, and standards for anyone. You need to create the best version of yourself that you deem fit. No need to try and fit the mold, find your self worth and stick to it! Loving yourself isn’t an easy journey. Finding your self worth can be a challenge too. It’s important to find both of these in yourself to have the confidence to stand up for yourself and to be strong. Although it may be difficult and take time to establish. Setting your standards can help avoid wasting your time on toxic people or bad habits that will not benefit you. Learning from each moment in life to minimize falling into the same cycles and being able to focus your energy into loving yourself and knowing your worth. It’s a powerful thing to love, & establishing that bond with yourself is an unstoppable force. You always deserve more and are important. “To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” -Robert Morley

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